Week 6 plan review

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Week 6 plan review

HSM Week 6 CheckPoint Revised Evaluation Plan | attheheels.com

Jillian Michaels of The Biggest Loser wants to help! Jillian mixes abdominal exercises and cardio together to create a high-intensity, minute workout. To help fight off plateaus, this program comes with two distinct workout levels.

This is because many of the exercises used, such as planks, target a variety of muscle groups.

Week 6 plan review

Before you pick up this DVD, you need to know one thing: Jillian Michaels always keeps her workouts fast-paced and high-energy, so, be ready to sweat.

Most people feel the burn on day one and see its results shortly after. While the videos fail to specify a weekly number of circuits, we suggest working out at least five days a week. Make sure to take a break on your free days, even if you do not feel like it. Exhaustion, and muscle aches, make it difficult to reach your weight loss goals.

Only 5-percent of users thought this program deserved less than three stars. This will really give you a great workout; very effective for sure.

The next day and during the workout you feel nothing in the abs. You see results from the get-go Exercises are fast, fun, and upbeat Only takes 30 minutes a day. The intensity might be too high for people new to fitness. Fails to acknowledge the importance of nutrition.

If you are willing to work your rear-end off for 30 minutes a day, for six weeks straight, then this DVD is for you. Jillian Michaels will continue to push you to step it up with high-paced cardio and abdominal-toning exercises.

However, if you put in the time and effort required, you will see results.

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This exercise plan asks you to try Jillian’s workout for a full six weeks. While the videos fail to specify a weekly number of circuits, we suggest working out at least five days a week.

Make sure to take a break on your free days, even if you do not feel like it/10(1).

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