Photo essay on chernobyl

Once home to some 50, people whose lives were connected to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, Pripyat was hastily evacuated one day after a reactor at the plant 2 miles away exploded on April 26, The explosion and the subsequent fire spewed a radioactive plume over much of northern Europe. Ukraine marked the 31st anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion. April 26 marks the 31st anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

Photo essay on chernobyl

Russell On the 26 AprilReactor No 4 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant overheated and exploded which set in motion a chain of events which would eventually become Photo essay on chernobyl as the worst nuclear disaster in history. The explosion tore the roof off the reactor and unleashed radioactive particles into the atmosphere which contaminated the power plant, the surrounding areas, and created a radioactive dust cloud which travelled throughout the majority of Europe.

The nearby city of Pripyat, an expensive custom-built town created for the workers and their families of the nuclear power plant were evacuated by bus 48 hours after the accident.

Photo essay on chernobyl

They were informed that the evacuation was only temporary but they would not return to the contaminated area. Visting Chernobyl Today Today, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the abandoned town of Pripyat are located within the 30 km exclusion zone.

The zone is controlled by armed guards at the border checkpoints.

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The experience was unlike anything else we had ever done before, and this is coming from a couple who actively seek out disused nuclear missile silos for a weekend adventure.

Take the stairs We climbed 16 stories to get a rooftop view of the abandoned town of Pripyat We visited Chernobyl when the new sarcophagus cover was being fitted over the existing reactor housing. Safe for another years. Exploring the abandoned apartment building in Pripyat.

One of the more popular places to visited by tour groups There is something just so photogenic about abandoned buildings… The school halls were strewn with books, a combination of textbooks and novels.

The remains of the Pripyat amusement park which was scheduled to open on 1 May There were several reports that the amusement park opened for a few hours before the city was given the order to evacuate The most well-known symbol of Chernobyl, the abandoned ferris wheel We were fortunate during our visit that no other groups were visiting at the same time.

We had Pripyat entirely to ourselves. We visited a recreation park designed for workers of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant The recreation park was designed for workers of the power plant and their families. A visit to the train graveyard. Disused train carriages to explore… A visit to the train graveyard, Pripyat, Chernobyl.

We were able to learn about the worst nuclear disaster in history on the ground where it took place, walk through buildings once inhabited by workers and family, and experienced something that few people ever get the opportunity to do.

Our visit to the Chernobyl exclusion zone was a life experience that neither of us will ever forget. I'm an Aussie currently living in London with my travel-loving wife, Roma. From weekend roadtrips, to week-long trips across Europe, we're just trying to experience as much of the world as possible.

Photo essay on chernobyl

Come roam with us!This is a fascinating photo essay for me to watch! pedrol September 25, at pm · · Reply → glad you like Theresa 🙂 Chernobyl is truly a peculiar place to visit, it was very interesting, it made me think a lot about our world 🙂 regards, PedroL.

The 12 Most Amazing Photo Essays Of If Portlandia were a photo series, Stunning Images Of The Thousands Of People Who Still Live Near Chernobyl And Fukushima. Pripyat was a city of 30, residents, located just 3 kilometers away from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

It was evacuated just one day after the nuclear catastrophe and the contamination is still very high today, so human life can not return.

Over twenty years have passed since the meltdown at Chernobyl. Paul Fusco faces the dark legacy of the modern technological nightmare that continues to plague those exposed to its destructive radiation.

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When planning your visit you will go to two completely different cities: Chernobyl is a city located about 12 km from a nuclear power plant with a population of about 14 thousand people before the accident..

Pripyat is located about 2 km (straight) from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and in it at the time of the accident in the city lived almost 49 thousand people of nationalities of.

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