Participating in activities to be happy and successful

He played four games more than Petrosian, faced stiffer opposition, [] and would have won the gold if he had accepted Florin Gheorghiu 's draw offer, rather than declining it and suffering his only loss. Fischer actually did it in 24, becoming the only player to beat Najdorf in the tournament. Afterwards, Fischer said he'd never mix women and chess together, and kept the promise. All of us, experienced 'tournament old-timers', were surprised by Fischer's endgame expertise.

Participating in activities to be happy and successful

Vistas The Indian Heights School, celebrated their tenth Annual Day Function on 23rd November, at their school premises amidst great fanfare and gusto. The vibrant colours of the costumes and the decor further enhanced the festive fervour of the atmosphere.

The audience, consisting of parents, members of the School Management Board and other dignitaries waited enthusiastically for the arrival of the chief guest, Lt. Madhu Gupta and the Principal, Mrs.

Participating in activities to be happy and successful

In her report, the Principal, highlighted the achievements of the school in all spheres of academics and curricular activities. She also listed the awards that the school had received for its infrastructure and other academic and curricular activities.

In her speech, the Principal credited the staff and students for their hard work and reiterated that the efforts would be on at a more vigorous and diligent pace to take the school to greater heights. The prize distribution ceremony which followed, saw the winners of various categories being felicitated by the Chief Guest, Lt.

Siddhant House won the best Trophy award for all round performance. He also extended an invitation to the Heightians to Assam. The General presented the school with a token of his appreciation, which was received by the Principal, Mrs. The students presented cultural programme on the occasion, which mesmerised the audience.


The Ganesh Vandana followed by the school choir, won a huge round of applause from the audience. The play was an eye opener, highlighting the fact that love, compassion and goodwill will eventually emerge victorious.

The function concluded with a vote of thanks, followed by the rendition of the National Anthem. Well, a teacher dressed up as chacha Nehru went around the wings of the school, interacting with children, telling them stories from the life of Nehru ji and distributing roses, his favourite flower.

The foyer area was decorated and students were greeted warmly by respective facilitators. Candies were distributed to all the children. Toys were collected to be forwarded to those less privileged than us. Students thoroughly enjoyed the day with chacha Nehru. Diwali season is infectious, with the festive fervor pervading the air.

Several students put up a dance drama highlighting the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhaya and the festivities that followed.

They decorated plant pots pitchers, earthen diyas. Peer Interact students went around the premises spreading the message of safe Diwali. The training session elaborated on knowledge skills, attitude and methodology that promotes constructive teaching-learning process.

The session highlighted core issues like NCFmultiple intelligence, drafting test items, lesson planning and assessment criteria. To rekindle the light of Halloween -a global festival, the school organised a Halloween party for the little ones, where the students came dressed as ghosts, fairies, goblins, witches, vampires, and other interesting character.

Ancient people believed Halloween celebrations are associated with the idea of good fortune.

Participating in activities to be happy and successful

The children used bright make-up, masks and props to accentuate their entire look. The students were shown pumpkins and were made to hear interesting stories and fun facts related to the festival. The highlight of the day was the Magic Show, which the children enjoyed a lot.

During three to five Earthkam missions each year, students can request to have a digital camera aboard the ISS to capture images of almost any place on Earth.

On 25 October,students of class IX got this amazing opportunity to click beautiful pictures from all over the earth. More than 42, students from 43 countries participated in the mission and we are proud to be a part of this mission.

Every year, more than students of our school get this chance to see our beautiful mother Earth. Inter House Colouring Competition Art is as natural as sunshine and as vital as nourishment. The aim was to promote the latent creativity and artistic pursuits of our budding artists.

Children gave vent to their imagination and aesthetic exploration by creating magical expressions on the sheet. The whole idea of this activity was to make students use their imagination and relate the concepts of astronomy in their dishes.

Students depicted solar systems, galaxies, stars and what not on their plates with the help of their creative minds. It is delightful to see the budding chefs presenting well-plated and delectable dishes.

The strong and self confident never bank on destiny or luck. The teachers of Little Steps enthusiastically enacted scenes from the Ramayana to enlighten the little ones. Being Navratra festival as well, the students also indulged in the Dandiya Dance in traditional costumes. The School Principal, Ms.That could be participating in a sport you love, exercising with a good friend or two, joining a group exercise class so you can meet new people, or giving yourself one “free day” per week where you forget about your training plan and exercise in any way you please.

Chicken and Noodle Games: Fun Activities With Innovative Equipment will help you-offer a variety of games that will keep everyone participating, -provide inclusive and nontraditional games in which no player starts with an advantage.

Jun 30,  · Consumers are placing more value on health and wellness than on material objects these days, and the definition of health and wellness has evolved. Is participation in extracurricular activities related to students' success in school? Indicators of successful participation in school include consistent attendance, academic achievement, and aspirations for continuing education beyond high school.

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Our Military Kids grants allowed his children to pursue their passions in the midst of Scott’s recovery, while deepening their bond as a family. The NCETM Professional Development Lead Support Programme.

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