Midterm ele 635 spring 2012

Math linear algebra and differential equations or approval of instructor. Actually, if you are mildly familiar with linear algebra and have taken calculus, you should be fine. Prior programming experience is not a prerequisite, but there will be programming assignments. Basic concepts in neural computing; functional equivalence and convergence properties of neural network models; associative memory models; associative, competitive and adaptive resonance models of adaptation and learning; selective applications of neural networks to vision, speech, motor control and planning; neural network modeling environments.

Midterm ele 635 spring 2012

Same rooms as Midterm 1. Final Exam, Thursday, December 13, pm exam group 151 Pimentel Hall The final exam will cover the whole course, with extra emphasis on material not previously covered on midterms. Exam questions will be similar in difficulty to the more routine types of homework problems.

At midterm exams you are allowed one ordinary sized sheet of notes, written on both sides. For the final exam you can use two note sheets.

Midterm ele 635 spring 2012

No other books, notes, calculators, cell phones, audio players or other aids are permitted. There will be space to write answers on the exams themselves, but you will need to bring your own scratch paper.

No make-up exams will be given. If you miss one midterm, your score on the following exam will count in place of that midterm, i. You cannot "miss" a midterm retroactively after turning in the exam.

Homework is due on Mondays, either in section, or to your GSI at their office or mailbox, according to their instructions, by 6pm. Homework will be returned in discussion sections on Wednesdays. A subset of the problems on each homework will be chosen for full grading, and scored out of 10 points each.

The remaining problems will only be checked quickly and will count 2 points each. The choice of problems for grading will not be announced in advance, but will be indicated on the solutions. I am more likely to choose for grading those problems requiring more thought.

You are free to discuss the homework problems and ideas for solving them with other students, but you must write up your solutions individually. It is not acceptable to copy solutions worked out by others or found in a solution manual or on the internet. Syllabus Propositional logic, quantifiers, rules of inference, proof techniques Rosen Chapter 1 Sets, functions, countability and uncountable sets 2.

Reading and Homework Assignments Reading for Lectures Reading for Lectures There is now a discussion page for this course on Piazza.

Haiman will not, so please continue to e-mail me directly if you have questions needing my attention. The Additional Problem is graded for full credit.

Midterm 1 is Friday, Sept. Subject matter is the material covered on Homeworksincluding both the problems to hand in and the problems with solutions in the book. You are allowed one 2-sided note sheet. Here are some links to old Math 55 midterms. This year our midterm is earlier in the semester, and we have spent more time on logic and set theory basics than in previous years, so the subject matter on the old midterms is different.

Specifically, our Midterm 1 does not cover number theory or "big-O" notation.Redistricting Plan; Anne Sung, Second Vice President; Board Elections; Diana Dávila; Elizabeth Santos; Former Trustees; Holly Maria Flynn Vilaseca, Assistant Secretary.

All News; Nike takes politics head on by naming Co (23 min ago) Market Snapshot: Here’s when midterm ele (22 min ago) FX: What usually happens ahead of US cur. EM Course Syllabus, Spring 2 of 6 Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Students Gain from this Course (Learning Outcomes): Fundamental concepts of solid mechanics, including stress, strain, and displacement; analysis.

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