Master thesis bwl

Process Master Theses Master Theses This site provides information for students interested in writing their Master thesis at the chair. In case any questions remain that cannot be answered by the information provided in the following, please contact Dr. Objective Based on a successfully passed research seminar, in which students had to closely engage with academic literature and learn to work scientifically, the objective of a final thesis at the chair is as follows: The same applies for Master theses of other study programs cf.

Master thesis bwl

It is important that you prepare the topic before going into the meeting. Please bring a first draft with you max. You should set up a date for the objectives meeting with your supervisor as soon as possible but at least within the registration period.

Within 24 hours after the objectives meeting we expect you to send your supervisor a page long summary of the results of your discussion. This document will be the basis for your subsequent work and the valuation of the thesis.

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Master's Thesis Seminars During the working period there will be two group seminars. The purpose of the seminar is to present your preliminary work, discuss critical issues, and get early feedback as well as helpful suggestions from fellow students and Prof.

The attendance of the seminar is compulsory as it is an inherent part of the master and diploma thesis mentoring. The two round of seminars will take place on the following dates: Submitting your Thesis You need to hand in two bound copies of your thesis.

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This CD also has to contain a copy of your thesis in Microsoft Word-format and in pdf-format. The relevant Class ID in Turnitin is Please note, that the page limit for a thesis at our Chair is 50!

The last page of your thesis has to contain the signed affidavit.Prerequisite. Prerequisite for writing a master thesis at the Chair of Information Systems 2 for both, MMM and Business Informatics, is a seminar in the area IS. Bachelor and Master Theses In the following you can find more information regarding Bachelor and Master theses at the Chair of Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour.

In the case of further questions, please have a look here and for remaining questions you may contact Theses Master.

If you are interested in writing your Master thesis at the Chair of Marketing please note the registration formalities.

master thesis bwl

Detailed Information is provided on the Virtual Campus within the course "Masterarbeiten – BWL . In order to write your master thesis at the Chair of Service Operations Management you must have successfully completed OPM - Current Topics in Service Operations Management.

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The Area Operations Management recommends that the seminar and the Master s . Students who are interested in writing their master's thesis at our chair can generally choose between writing a research-oriented or an industry-related thesis..

Prerequisite for writing a master's thesis at our department is the successful completion of a seminar at one of the marketing and sales chairs: MKT , MKT , MKT or MKT Currently the master colloquium takes place at individual dates depending on the progress of your master thesis and in agreement with your mentor.

Statistics Software Depending on the topic of your master thesis, it might be necessary to .

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