Lifecycle nutrition and fitness

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Lifecycle nutrition and fitness

Cultural and environmental factors that influence food availability and consumption will also be investigated. Offered Fall, Spring, Summer. The purpose of this course is to explore current literature and research in these ever-growing and popular topics.

Definitions, purpose, safety, efficacy, and risks of each topic will be covered. Additionally, topics of discussion will include specific functional components of food, herbals, and supplements. Emphasis will be placed on current topics of food science and safety in the national and local food industry including genetically modified and functional foods.

Biological, chemical, and physical factors that affect the quality and safety of food products will be discussed in addition to the role of microorganisms in foodborne illness and food quality. Students in this course will also explore basic principles of food safety including food processing and food service as well as the role of government in food safety.

Offered Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer. Potential courses include approved courses in the nutrition minor. If the research findings are impactful in the field of nutrition, the student will submit a manuscript for publication in an appropriate journal.

Repeatable for credit — maximum two.Life Cycle. Infants. Keep toddlers and preschoolers healthy with age-specific information about nutrition and health. Children. Teach kids about healthy eating with games, coloring books, and MyPlate materials.

Parents can find tips and tools for healthy meals, weight management, and more. Teens. Nutrition and Fitness; Raise a Happy Girl; Bullying; Getting Outdoors; Raise Her to Be a Leader; Raising Girls | Parenting Advice for Parents of Daughters; Help Her Be Happy and Healthy; Nutrition and Fitness; Nutrition and Fitness.


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This guide is also a reference point for XNB Fitness and Sports Nutrition. Nutrition for Athletes; Nutrition at College.

Lifecycle nutrition and fitness

Fueling for College Athletics; Vegetarian Nutrition. Recipes and Meal Planning; Vegetarianism and Children; Allergies and Food Sensitivities. Home» Information Center» Food and Nutrition Information Center» Lifecycle Nutrition. This program is designed for personal trainers, group fitness instructors, and other health and wellness professionals looking for a credible curriculum to gain expertise in advising their clients on nutrition.

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Lifecycle nutrition and fitness

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