Aflac case analysis

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Aflac case analysis

Table of Contents I. Executive Summary AFLAC, incorporated offers all different types of insurance including life, health, and accident insurance as being their top sellers. The insurance industry can often be a competitive one.

There are many insurance companies, in the past few years, that have been greatly effected by the current recession in the United States. Some insurance companies needed government intervention to help them through this. AFLAC, just like other big companies out there, have gone through many problems.

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Using flow charts, check sheets, and tree diagrams will show the employees the right way to do their work and can continuously improve at their work. Consultants will be overall most satisfied with these types of practices. In the s and s, there were many cases of polio scares and had spawned insurance coverage written specifically for this disease.

This wound up being a big hit for this company and had written over a million dollars in premiums and had expanded over state lines. This company grew very quickly.

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It grew very quickly in the decade of the s. They developed a selling approach that was much clustered.

In the s, John Amos then decided to expand his company outside the United States. Company Financials With every company, the financial portion of the company will vary from year to year.

AFLAC, which is one of the most trusted insurance companies and has the most popular commercials, has been doing very well over the years as an insurance company.

Ten million dollars of the eighteen million dollars in revenues were solely from the sales of the employees that worked for this company. Over the years, this stock price has gone up and up every single year.

It is now priced at fifty five dollars per share, which shows how successful this company has been over the years. It shows that in June ofit was price at thirty three dollars per share.

Aflac case analysis

It shows that Aflac has not been affected by the recession, which is ongoing in the United States. The industry as a whole is very successful.

The most popular aspect that most people will recognize about this company is their memorable commercials featuring the AFLAC duck Price 1.

There are definitely way more strengths than weaknesses in this particular company.

Aflac case analysis

The strengths of this advertisement are its catchiness and cleverness of the advertisements design rather than its theme. Moreover, in the strengths of this company, it also has to do with the sole person that the customer is dealing with Wiki wealth. The main strength of this company is the agents that are hired to work with the various customers.

If a customer has a great representative, it has come apparent that they would recommend the company to all their friends and family. Personally, having a good representative will keep the customer more calm and know that their insurance claims will be paid in a more efficient time period. If the agent is intelligent enough to answer all of the inquiries the customer may have, the customer will overall have a great experience and would feel that dealing with a company like this would be overall a great experience for that individual.

Many believe that the insurance industry can be a profitable one. The industry in itself can be a very successful one, but also can be risky at times.

Insurance can also have some positive and negative effects on society and the economy as well. People will try to use insurance companies to try to get money out of them even if nothing extraordinary happens when they need money.


As one can see, the risk of insurance companies is that there can be access to fraud by individuals trying to exploit these companies for money. On the other end, this is a great way just in case a catastrophe happens in a family such as a deadly car accident, untimely death, or anything of that circumstance.

Other factors need to be considered as well when talking about the internal and external aspects of this industry.Transcript of AFLAC CASE STUDY History + Background AFLAC was founded by brothers John, Paul (who died ), and William (Bill) Amos in Columbus, Georgia, in , as American Family Life Insurance Company (AFLIC) of Columbus.

Mini-Case Analysis: Aflac has been an award-winning campaign for years. (a) How important do you think the "voice of the brand" is? Why not have multiple quacking ducks? (b) Explain how its media use has contributed to its success. In particular, describe how the media mix has evolved.

Read first-hand case study examples of how Cummins Generator Technologies can provide solutions to your specific applications through our industry leading STAMFORD and AvK products. AFLAC CASE ANALYSIS Aflac is Fortune insurance company founded which was founded in by three brothers, Bill, Paul and John Amos.

“Since its beginning Aflac has believed that the best way to succeed in our business is to value people. The Aflac Challenge.

Aflac’s top priority is to remain as informed and protected from potential threats and vulnerabilities as possible. However, the company’s global workforce, access to sensitive data, and unparalleled commitment to customer support make Aflac . In her case study, author Sandra Reed outlines that Aflac believes that an organization can create a competitive advantage by including employees as central .

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