Accounting theory and development

All coursework in the in-class or online master's degree program counts toward the credit hours required for the Certified Public Accountant CPA exam. The in-class or online Master's in Accounting program will complete all requirements for the CPA exam for most students.

Accounting theory and development

Federal Income Tax or Corps.

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Advanced topics such as financial tax accounting concepts, employee compensation, related party transactions and tax planning are also included. Advanced Management Accounting Duration: The course will discuss the theoretical rationale for the treatment of elements of the financial statements.

Elective course options will vary by term and are subject to change. Tax issues associated with formation, operation, distributions, redemptions, liquidations, reorganizations and selected special topics are included. Entities to be covered include municipal and state governments and various non-profit organizations.

The objective of this course is to provide the student with an understanding of generally accepted accounting principles for governmental and not-for-profit entities. Students should develop an understanding of the basic concepts of fund accounting, be able to contrast accounting concepts of governmental and non-profit organizations with that of for-profit organizations, and have a basic knowledge of state and local government financial reporting requirements.

In addition, students should have a basic awareness of the different requirements for local governments in Kansas. Topics covered include the nature of fraud, fraud prevention, detection methods, investigation procedure and types of fraud.

Accounting theory and development includes the documentation, testing and evaluation of internal controls, and the design and implementation of corroborative substantive tests. In addition to external auditing, other topics include governmental, internal and operational auditing as well as issues of current interest in the auditing literature.

Advanced Accounting Information Systems Duration: The course provides an overview of how to understand, analyze and control computerized information systems.

Law of Commerce Duration: The class is intended to give students more detailed coverage of important areas of law for businesses and to prepare accounting majors for the CPA exam.

Information Technology Project Management Duration: Specific topics will address planning, organizing, scheduling and controlling information technology projects, current tools and techniques, and the roles and responsibilities of project managers.

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Systems Analysis and Design Duration: Emphasis is placed on the tools and techniques that a project leader and systems analyst would use to analyze, design and document information systems with the object-oriented approach as well as the traditional approach.

The course will also emphasize the importance of various skills which the systems analyst should possess, including communication, problem-solving and project management skills. Team-oriented projects are utilized to aid in understanding how systems concepts are developed in the business world.

A primary method of learning these skills will be the application areas of spreadsheet and database design in multiple application environments. A predominant method for the development of these skills will be in a Business Simulation environment in which the students will run their own organization to generate the data with which to apply business analytics.

The Business Simulation will be executed at various times during the semester to provide the database used in the various BA applications. By studying both successful and unsuccessful implementation examples, students examine how and why an ERP system is implemented and how it is integrated with existing business processes.

Students examine the impact of ERP on the organization and how change can be managed.

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Consent of instructor is needed. Using the insight gained in the course, students can predict the outcome of marketing plans to boost return on marketing investment ROMI. The course emphasizes case studies and hands-on learning so students can immediately apply the tools and techniques in their organizations.

Accounting theory and development

A variety of relevant topics are discussed, such as market sizing, forecasting and positioning, promotion-budget allocation, profit maximization, and communicating to senior executives through data-driven presentations. The strategies organizations employ to affect and respond to consumers' decisions are also studied.Reading - Accounting theory and development Accounting Theory Construction with Inductive and deductive approach Deductive approach vs.

Inductive approach in accounting theory construction Deductive reasoning entails a valid argument in which it is impossible to assert the premises and to deny the conclusion without contradicting . About the American Accounting Association. The American Accounting Association is the premier community of accountants in academia.

Founded in , we have a rich and reputable history built on leading-edge research and publications. Business fuels the engine of global commerce, and accounting is commonly called the “language of business.” To be a successful communicator in any field, one must speak the language of that discipline.

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In this online MBA program, you will: Gain an understanding of accounting theory within the context of policy setting and financial reporting; Learn to manage advanced accounting issues, including cost behavior, activity-based costing, budgeting, pricing, cost .

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